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Cold Eggplant Salad, Indonesian Riff

June 1, 2008

Cold eggplant salad

When I saw this recipe on Bitten, I knew I had to try it: I love eggplant, and now is the time for savory cold salads. But when I started making it up today, my eggplant all cubed and salted and draining, I realized I’d made all the soy sauce in the house up into kecap manis a few weeks before. Since Bittman’s recipe called for both soy and sugar, I substituted 2 tbsp of kecap manis for the soy, skipped the sugar and mixed in 2 tbsp of lemon juice for the dressing. Instead of just white sesame seeds, I used a mix of 2/3 white and 1/3 black dry toasted and because I really like the toasted sesame flavor, I added a few drops of toasted sesame oil to the dressing as well.

First taste says “Oh my YES, will make this again!”



A Not-Quite-Mistake

March 7, 2008

We’ve been on a veg cooking kick for a little while now (though Al is currently smoking a pork loin!), and a lot of our recipes have come from Bittman’s How To Cook Everything Vegetarian. Last night I made the black bean-spinach burgers and experienced my first culinary misfire in quite some time (not that I’m incredibly skilled – I’m just lazy and generally don’t aim beyond my comfort level). It wasn’t a disaster, but the end result was definitely not what it was supposed to be. (more…)

Cheesey Carb-y Goodness

February 28, 2008

Sorry for the tardy post on the topic of comfort food, but I was just invited to contribute and couldn’t pass up writing a few words about my favorite foods….

Like most Americans, “comfort food” means three things to me: carbs, cheese and more carbs. Some of my all time favorites have been with me since I was a little kid. From my mom’s potato salad she makes for every family gathering (no matter the season) and her scalloped potatoes with extra cheese on top (that she still makes every time I go home for a visit), to my grandmother’s mashed potatoes and turkey gravy. Other favorite comfort foods I discovered a little later, like gnocchi, baked macaroni and cheese, chicken and dumplings, read beans and rice, carbonara, and gratinĂ©.


Comfort Me With Lentils

February 19, 2008

While thinking about this post, I realized that most of what I consider to be comfort foods are dishes that I can’t actually make. Though a tongue sandwich on rye and a bowl of mushroom barley soup define humble cuisine, I never have the ingredients on hand if a craving strikes. Even if I had the recipe for my friend’s mother’s duk guk, or for her grandmother’s jap chae, I doubt that mine would taste as good. Likewise, I couldn’t produce a bowl of curry mee with young tau foo if my life depended on it, and if I long for the soothing properties of scrambled eggs with char siu then I have to get myself to a restaurant. So what’s left, then? (more…)