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Out and about, Seattle

March 5, 2008

Since moving to a completely urban location 6 months ago, grabbing dinner out has become more commonplace. It’s so easy to walk out the door for a bite to eat when there are restaurants of every ilk within walking distance. On this block alone, a sub shop (lunch only), a bar/club, the Central Tavern (Seattle’s oldest tavern – bar food lunch and dinner), Med-Mix (good gyros and falafal, tasty fries, awful burgers), and the J&M Hotel (bar food, lunch and dinner). After relying heavily on Med-Mix during the first weeks of living here, I am still burned out on them. Across the street is the Grand Central Bakery – I pick up a sack lunch there once a week. Their bread is good, but so crusty and chewy my jaws can only handle one sandwich every 7 days. The italian grinder uses meats from Salumi, so if you can’t bear the long wait over on 2nd, Grand Central isn’t a bad bet. They also dress their sandwiches with a delicious pickled sweet red onion relish. Really excellent.