We had a couple of pounds of organic, pasture-raised beef and pork to use, a situation that seemed to cry out for meatballs. The recipe we used (from Ciro and Sal’s Cookbook) is pretty simple: meat, breadcrumbs soaked with milk, parsley, minced garlic, raisins (the secret weapon), egg, parmesan, salt, pepper. I served them over some Bionaturae linguine, but they would have been equally good on a bed of sauted greens or with garlic-heavy mashed potatoes and gravy. It’s hard to get away from the classic spaghetti/meatball combo, but I’m going to try next time around. Fortunately, we’ve got about 2 dozen in the freezer to experiment with.


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  1. Jaq Says:

    I bet those would be delicious done with some tagine spices (cumin, coriander, allspice, turmeric, paprika, and some preserved lemon), served with couscous and some sort of yogurty sauce. Do you leave the raisins whole or grind them up?

  2. LP Says:

    A great idea! Perhaps substitute ground lamb for the pork…

    The raisins are whole. We soaked them in water while assembling the other ingredients, which is a key step that I should have mentioned. I think dried currants would work well, also. And if you’re making large meatballs, then some toasted pine nuts are a good addition (too much for the small ones, though, I think).

  3. g00blar Says:

    They look great! And I bet raisins work really well.

    Meatballs are always a sort of obsession of mine. I made these chipotle meatballs last month and they were very good. I liked Bayless’s idea (which can really be used for any meatball recipe) of browning the meatballs in the oven, rather than on the stove. I didn’t, however, bake the whole thing after putting the balls in the sauce–I just let it simmer on the stove.

  4. LP Says:

    Oh, I absolutely LOVE chipotles in adobo! I’m going to have to try that variation. I agree re: doing the balls in the oven. That’s how we did these, and it always seems to turn out well.

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