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Once upon a time, I used to bake a lot. I had all sorts of pans and utensils and weird decorative implements. Doing elaborate cakes was my favorite thing. Then, when I moved into a rotting apartment with (literally) no counter space, baking fell by the wayside. It was all I could do to steam a pot of broccoli without incident. A triple-layer dark chocolate gateaux, garnished with ruby sugar-dusted strawberries? Yeah, right. I eventually left that disgusting building, but I never quite picked up where I’d left off. My desire to bake had ebbed, and more importantly, my confidence had gone with it. I had turned into a Person Who Doesn’t Bake. Making pastry dough or my grandmother’s bundt cake with a nut swirl or a simple pan of brownies seemed like daunting and somewhat mysterious tasks to me. I even managed to ruin the cornbread on one occasion. Last week, while reading through some cooking blogs, I decided that enough was enough. I bought a tube pan from The Brooklyn Kitchen, printed out a recipe I’d been eyeing from The Smitten Kitchen, and got to work. And it was fun. And the cake is good. And you know what? I still think that tube pans are a pain in the ass.


3 Responses to “Back to Baking”

  1. Jaq Says:

    That looks like a tasty way to get back into the swing of it.

    Tube pans, springform pans, this mini-cheesecake pan that has 12 little wells/disks – grrrr.

  2. boxofbirds Says:

    oh yum, this looks good. welcome back to baking!

  3. LP Says:

    Thank you! I highly recommend that recipe, by the way. It’s really simple, but it produces a really tasty and good-looking cake. It would be a great dinner party dessert, I think, since it’s better the day after baking. Just add a homemade bourbon-cinammon whipped cream, or something sort of decadent like that.

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