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So, you’re looking for something to nuke that’s tasty, sweet, and substantial?  Something that isn’t microwave popcorn, but smells good enough to drive your co-workers around the twist?  How about a personal chocolate cake, baked in a large mug?

Round up:

1 large mug (straight-sided seems better than tapered)

2 or 3 packets of hot chocolate mix (you need about 7 tbsps)

4 tbsps white flour

a pinch of salt

3 tbsps oil (or melted butter)

one egg

3 tbsps water

Put all the dry ingredients in the mug, stir to mix.  Pour in the oil/melted butter, egg, and water.  Stir vigorously until very well blended.  Nuke on high power for 3 minutes.  Depending on the size of your mug, the batter might flow over the top, so put a plate under it.  Turn finished cake out of the mug onto a plate, let cool for a minute and eat.

Some other substitutions and additions that might work, but also might not:

Yogurt, for part of the water and oil (makes it moister, but also gummier)

Those little mayonnaise packets (the real stuff, not Miracle Whip) for the egg and oil (you’ll probably need 6 packets, approx. 5 tbsps)

Coffee instead of water

Chocolate (or butterscotch or peanut butter) chips

Smashed up Almond Joy to make german chocolate cake-like frosting (smash onto plate and put the hot cake on top of it for melty goodness)

Thanks to aldo cowpat for the original recipe (which features 4 tbsps sugar, 2 tbsps cocoa, and 3 tbsps milk instead of the hot chocolate mix and water).



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6 Responses to “office snacktime”

  1. Chris Says:


  2. Jaq Says:

    Desperate times, these.

  3. ljmeharry Says:

    That is incredible! Can’t wait to try it!

  4. Jaq Says:

    I should probably post a caveat that this is “chocolate” in the same way the cake in a Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll is “chocolate”.

  5. Guily Boksen Says:

    OK it stretches the “chocolate” definition, Jaq, but it is surprisingly good especially if eaten slightly warm.

    I may try some variations this weekend. Someone suggested powdered strawberry milkshake mix…

  6. Jaq Says:

    I’ll admit I’m addicted to them. So fast and easy. And the batter is tasty, too.

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